"I absolutely love helping others succees !" ~ Navneet Gupta

Often the internal conflicts that negatively impact your bottom line go unaddressed as team members have no platform to speak openly to make an effort toward resolution. My interactive inspirational workshops solve this problem by fostering honest dialogue in an environment that celebrates teamwork, leadership, creativity, transparency and a can-do attitude. Here’s how I accomplish that:

Diagnosing the Problem

Intuition that’s rooted in years of experience working with hundreds of companies and multiple cultures enables me to cut straight to the heart of the conflicts and issues.

Fostering Conversation

Facilitating a dialogue based on honesty, trust and the desire to grow together lays a foundation for company-wide improvement.

Delving Deeper

Workshops are an opportunity to put a spotlight on issues that receive little attention in the workplace, yet have far-reaching effects.

Forming a Concrete Action

After we pinpoint and discuss challenges, I facilitate as team members come together to find a resolution, then begin executing that plan right away.

Drawing Experience

People trust me because I’ve been in their shoes. Throughout my career, I’ve met success and I’ve faced obstacles. In each workshop, I share how I’ve overcome them.

Having Fun Along the Way

When it comes to strengthening your team, enjoying the journey you’re on together is half the battle. Participants enjoy hands-on, high-energy workshops that use simulations, case studies, outdoor and indoor games and more to make your message come to life.

Celebrating Diversity

Instead of focusing on what separates a team, whether it be department or pay grade, participants learn to recognize their individual strengths and harness their power to contribute to success of the group.

Building Momentum

Workshops are the catalyst for change that will soon follow. Each event is simply a precursor to the main event—when numerous individuals come together to achieve one goal.