Youth Education

Youth Education

My mission is to enable students to get in touch with their inner strengths and use them as building blocks for a successful future. ~ Navneet Gupta

Perhaps Nelson Mandela said it best: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In order to change the world, young minds of today first must believe that they can, and our education systems must enable them to do so.

When CEOs were asked to cite the top 3 leadership skills required to succeed in an increasingly complex global environment, they said creativity, integrity and global thinking; yet existing education systems, resources and prevailing mindsets are not centred on cultivating these qualities in students. As the world evolves, with a wealth of information and opportunities readily accessible across the internet and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the rise, it is time our classrooms evolve as well.

My mission is to enable students to get in touch with their inner strengths and use them as building blocks for a successful future. And I believe the best way to achieve that mission is to join forces with like-minded parents and educators who know that in order to demand the best from our youth, we must also demand the best from our school systems.

I seek to foster increased engagement among students, parents, teachers and policy makers to not only help youth achieve their highest potential, but also to raise the happiness and fulfilment index. I seek to open a dialogue that challenges the status quo and answers the question “what can we do to ensure our education system prepares youth to flourish inside and outside of the classroom?”

I find the most rewarding part of working with students is the knowledge that a minor shift in their outlook today will have a huge impact in the years to come. Let’s work together to ensure that our students have everything they need right now to make those years a success.

Improving Education
"What students deserve from their education."

I believe that what today’s students need most are education systems that give them a desire to discover their dreams, the confidence to pursue them and the tools to make them a reality. I structure all of my programs to give educators the tools to bring out the best in their students and to give youth the confidence to rise to the challenge.

I accomplish that by:

Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs

When students tune in to their inner selves, they gain the self-awareness and confidence they need to dream beyond the rat race and embrace their full potential.

The Use Of The Imagination Or Ideas

When every student is confined to the same sort of box, growth becomes harder to achieve. I challenge students to evolve by becoming creative problem solvers.

Celebrating Individual Strengths

Every classroom isn’t comprised of a single class, but rather a group of individuals. Students set themselves up for success by pinpointing their unique talents, and letting those talents guide them.

Developing the Integrity to Take Control

Great things happen when young minds begin to take responsibility for their own success. I remind students that when it comes to building their future, they are in the driver’s seat.